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01 IX 2010
::: New Double Tax Convention

New Poland-Norway Double Tax Convention was signed in Warsaw by the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Norway on 9 September 2009 (Dz.U. nr 134, poz. 899).
The new Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Tax on Income, which took effect on 25 July 2010, has replaced the existing treaty signed in Oslo on 24 May 1977.

31 VIII 2010
::: EEA nationals do not need to apply for residence permits

Starting from from 1-st October 2009, EEA nationals (with the exception of nationals of Romania and Bulgaria) no longer need to apply for residence permits in Norway. It is sufficient that they register via internet and meet at the police station or at service centre for foreign workers.

Those who satisfy the registration will receive a registration certificate instead of a residence permit. The registration certificate is valid for an unlimited period and does not have to be renewed.

The following EEA nationals are required to register:

  • employees
  • self-employed persons
  • students
  • service providers
  • people with sufficient funds
  • family members who are EEA nationals

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