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In order to best fulfill our clients needs and expectations our office offers systems of remuneration as follows:

  1. An hourly rate – the height of remuneration is calculated as a ratio of the number of hours devoted to a particular case and an hourly rate which is agreed individually in an agreement with a client

  2. A lump monthly sum – remuneration is constant regardless of the number of hours spent in the month. This system is addressed mostly to business clients who have signed an agreement for permanent services with our office.

  3. Flat rate – the height of remuneration is paid once for a specific task. The height of remuneration is agreed individually with a client and depends on a type and difficulty of the case.

  4. Our office does not offer the so called: “No cure no pay system”, based on the rule that the client is obliged to pay for the services according to the result. This kind of system is forbidden by both Polish and Norwegian law.
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